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If you did not HIRE us to photograph your son specifically, please do not complain that there are not enough photos of him! I aim where the action is located at any moment of the game; while I try to include every player, I cannot and do not guarantee such a result.

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If you would like us to photograph a particular game, we offer the following options:

1) for $100 we will shoot the entire game, similar to those shown here, and the photos
    will be posted here for viewing and purchase;

2) for $150 we will shoot the entire game, similar to those shown here, and the photos
    will be available for free download for personal use.
Contact us for more details at: schedule-soccer@HS-Sportz.com

Some notes regarding game photos...

Needless to say, we don't just upload "snapshots" after the game -- each photo is reviewed and adjusted for exposure and contrast, and then the most relevant part of the shot is selected and 'cropped" so that the photo you see in the gallery highlights the action of that photo. Sometimes there are two or three photos that result from one shot!

Once all the photos are uploaded, some additional cropping is done to assure that you will get a good print no matter which size you select (no heads chopped off, etc.) Then they are sorted and the "mom's specials" and non-game shots are put at the end, so they don't distract from browsing the game photos.

This is a very time consuming process, but results in presenting to you photos of much better quality than simple "snapshots" --

Click the link below and I'll send you an email when the next batch of photos are ready.

If you would like a reminder email when more soccer photos are posted, [click here]
(if the link does not create an email, send to:              soccer-updates@HS-Sportz.com)

Special   info...
FAQs ... some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does it take so long to get the photos posted?
We want the photos you see in the gallery and albums to be the best possible content and quality. So when we unload the photos from the camera, each one is viewed and the best area of the shot is selected (called "cropping") and if the shot is too bright or too dark that is adjusted as well. Then the photo files are moved to the website and each photo must again be reviewed and 'cropped' to be sure that no matter which size print is ordered, the important parts of the photo will be there. (Different size prints have different "aspect ratios" ... the ratio of width to height ... and this must be balanced so they will all print well). For a single game, there may be from 200 to 500 or even 1500 photos to review; if each one takes about a minute or so you can see that there's a lot of time needed before the album is "published." And sometimes my eyeballs holler "take a break for a while!" And, speaking of eyeballs, if there are "red eyes" (from the flash) in any of the photos they have to be fixed manually, which is a time consuming process; even more time consuming are "white eyes" from the flash -- but it's important for picture quality to fix them as well.

Q: Why do some photos have white boarders and others do not?
When the photos are being "cropped" sometimes all the important players cannot be included using the 'standard' cropping (which tries to fit all the print sizes). In this case, we crop the photo to include what we want, and the hosting service puts "white space" around the photo so it will fit within the print size desired. This happens in cases such as a very tall, or very wide, shot which would show the subject much smaller if the normal "aspect ratio" was used.

Q: Why do you take so many photos of one game?
It does seem like we take a gazillion shots at each game! Especially when it's time to edit and crop them. There are several reasons... I enjoy shooting the games and it's a challenge to get really great action shots, as well as some very nice "portrait" shots that mom and dad might never be able to get. Also, each player and their family will want photos of that player in action -- so I try to get lots of shots of everyone all during the game. Just like playing in the game is a matter of timing and skill, so is "anticipating" the action during the game -- so sometimes there are four or five shots in the same minute. While I am shooting during the game, I really don't know what kind of pictures they will be! My focus is on "aiming at the action" and hoping I've caught the action. Better to have too many photos than not enough, right?!! And lastly, my photos provide the players (and their families, especially those who could not be at the game) with a "record" of the whole game. I don't expect that anyone will be able to, or want to, buy prints of all the shots; and some shots I publish on the website that are not all that great... but they have some action that was part of the game, so I put them up for you to see, even if you might not want to get prints. As a result, I usually end a game with between 400 and 800 photos!

Q: Why are some photos in the albums 'not so great'?
Our philosophy of what to post in the albums is a bit different than usual, perhaps. Rather than post only the very special shots, we'd rather post lots of them so that there is more chance everyone will be in a few shots. Also, my goal is not to just get some fantastic shots (though they are veery gratifying, of course) but to sort of 'document' the chronology of the game. The boys (and parents) can 'relive' the game, remembering the plays and situations that come up in the photos. Sometimes the shot is a bit blurry, or a bit dark; but we'd rather have the pix there to be seen than not. As you view the albums, it's easy enough to click 'next' if you don't care for the shot; but if it's not posted, it won't bring back any memories.

(The digital download photo files are being sold for your personal use only -- not for resale, publication or sharing.)

As for prints of the photos, I still recommend getting your prints from the albums (at left) for several reasons --

  • each photo is carefully sized and "cropped" to select the best area of the original photo, to show the "event" of that moment.

  • the hosting service has a powerful and effective software program that enhances the quality & colors of the photos before displaying & printing them.

  • the small profit I make on prints you order helps to offset the cost of keeping this website account working! (it's not free...)